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From the desk of: Greg Frost
Date: 22 Jul 2024

RE: Affiliate Program Invitation

Welcome to the affiliate page for the Brain 2.0 system.

We're paying 70% commissions on our bestselling Brain 2.0 program and you stand to earn up to a massive $84.12 in commissions per sale. You will get your 70% commissions through the entire lineup below.

Frontend Product (Brain 2.0) - $37(We bill $4.95 first and then the rest 10 days later)

One Time Offer 1 (Brain Revolution System)- $47 (We bill $4.95 first and then the rest 10 days later)

One Time Offer 2 (Ultimate Success Achiever) - $47 (We bill $4.95 first and then the rest 10 days later)

We've tested and tweaked the sales funnel for maximum conversions. We are using a unique triple trial formula and it's getting high frontend conversions of over 4.2%!

In addition to that, one time offer conversions are converting at an amazing 46.6%. Earnings per click go as high as $2.1 , so if you can send 1000 clicks, expect to make about $2100.

Please register for our affiliate notification list, as we have some very special announcements coming up, and you won't want to miss them!

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